Vinyl Flakes Australia® Business Update

COVID-19 Stage 4 Restrictions In Victoria

We will continue to provide our service and will be open for business during the Stage 4 Restrictions.

Open Hours Monday- Friday 7AM-4PM.

To ensure we're abiding by the Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria, there will be no face to face contact.

- All orders are to be delivered
- No pick up service from our warehouse.

  • Enquiries & Orders

    Phone 0402 224 110 / 0434 709 669


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  • About Vinyl Flakes Australia ®

    Your National Specialist For Epoxy Flooring Decorative Flakes

    Vinyl Flakes Australia ® have been supplying high quality decorative flakes nationally wide.

    Our vision is to inspire our clients to transform their ordinary floors to innovative, aesthetically pleasing floors.

    Vinyl Flakes Australia are designed to be applicated to seamless epoxy floors and walls.
    Some examples of where they can be installed are commercial kitchens, markets, warehouses, sporting pavilions and even in residential homes like garages.

    Our unique collection of innovative colours, styles and patterns will make your floors an eye pleaser.
    Explore and Shop now for the latest solid colours, blends and stone ranges we have to offer!

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